Seo and PPC Specialist | Reyan Iqbal

Being an enthusiastic and passionate SEO and PPC Specialist with 4 years of professional experience in the related domain, I aim to help organizations achieve what they truly aim for – the highest ranking. This not only vigorously promotes and advances their business but also opens great avenues to generate a substantial amount of revenue. I have attained dependability and trustworthiness from my potential clients that exist all over the world by providing them with potential and result-oriented SEO and PPC skills and services using my professional skills which helps organizations achieving the desired goals.

I am a data-driven and insightful SEO specialist that is keen and passionate about aiming higher by helping organizations accomplishing their objectives. My professional background and experience include working with multinational e-commerce sites such as ScottishKilt, Vanesa Gray, Pakistan Travel Guide, Current Phenomena, Cargomile Logistik, Wellness Originals, MC Granite Charlott, United Recovery Project, and many more.

Being as a freelance seo specialist and google ads specialist I have also provided my services on freelance platform and help clients around worldwidein achieving their goals  

My professional skills and expertise include optimizing Google Ads, setting Google Analytics, Ahref Tool, setting Google My Business, Facebook Ads, SMO, and SEO.  

My biggest joy is providing my clients with top-notch services that include providing complete and advanced SEO services using white hat techniques and tools that ensure the optimization and ranking of your website.

 By using my professional PPC skills, I help my clients and businesses generate more leads and also promoting their business by optimizing and managing Ads account.

I am keen to offer my expertise to the established and growing clients with analytics account which surely keeps an eye on the traffic on your website and helps you track it too in a more efficient manner.

I take pleasure in offering advanced and proven PPC services like setting up and managing a google business account, optimizing google add accounts, advancing and managing AdWords accounts. Assisting in off-page SEO services, writing effective Google Search Ads, conducting thorough google ads search services that will allow you to manage your business presence at the local level and you do not have to worry about creating, setting up, or uploading your products to the account because all that can now be easily taken care of. Also, I deal with managing and running effective Facebook Campaigns. Through my advanced skills, I have worked closely with prominent clients and helped them achieve their goals by catering to their requirements of the website providing resourceful expertise and ranking many keywords and sgenerating prominent business leads.

My approach to work is quite systemized, logical, and simple for my clients to understand. It all starts with understanding the industry I am working for to build an effective strategy which is the next step. After building an effective strategy it needs to be tested to find out if further enhancements are needed. Lastly after testing the strategy needs to be applied so that goal can be achieved accordingly.

I am a keen learner and passionate about self-development which reflects in my working abilities as I am constantly aiming to improve and extend my professional capabilities by learning new skills each day and assisting each client in achieving their milestone.