Google Ads Services to Affiliate site

Google Ads | Google Ads for Afiliate Market

Project Details

Healthyweekenedtip was an affiliate site that deals with weight Loss and remove fats services.

lose weight

Project Requirements.

Basically the ads account optimizing and managing was demanded in this project.

Work Provided.

The following work is provided by me.

  • Setting Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • The campaign, ad groups & ads
  • Extensions
  • Device bidding
  • Location Targeting
  • Bid Optimization
  • Full Optimization of account

Issue with Project.

As project is of an affiliate market so the main issue which I face is not a good landing page for user experience and very high competition of keywords almost 3-4$ per CPC. So after discussing with the client stop working on this further but fully optimized account is provided to client effectively.