Effective Off-Page Seo Services | Cargomile Logistik

Off page SEO

I have worked for a German Client and provided Off Page Seo Services to https://cargomile-logistik.de/.

Cargomile Logistik offers all companies transport, storage, and logistics services.

Work Demanded:

Basically 200 quality links were demanded in 6 days. Effectively created high-quality links with totally using white Hat SEO Techniques and all the provided was manual. All the provided links were live except some of them in which login is mandatory.


Duration of Project:

The total duration of the project was 6 days. Work started on 14 July 2020 and delivered work effectively on the midnight of 19 July 2020.

Total Members in Team:

Basically we were two members of the team. It was a team-based work. I and my team partner HiraTariq completed this work collectively.

Carmile transport

Report Type:

The report was provided in an excel file with all details.

Cargomile report