Effective google Ads Services for wellnessoriginals

Google Ads

Project Overview.

wellnessoriginals was an Australian based company which basically deals with different garment related products and some wellness related also.

Work Demanded.

The basic work which was demanded basically from me to write the search ads for this project as well as also managing the whole account basically.

Google ads

Provided work.

I have written the search ads for the four different items in this project. I have Linked Google ads account with google analytics. Check the merchant account also.

  1. Search ads
  2. keywords
  3. negative keywords
  4. location targeting
  5. Add scheduling
  6. Account Linking
  7. bid Adjustment
  8. budget adjustment
  9. bid management
  10. device bidding
  11. Full Account optimizing and Management.

Work result.

As it was only 2,3 days work. I that time period account run smoothly and effectively. All the demanded work was effectively provided. As there is a concern of conversion it usually depends upon the product trending as well as on tracking.