Effective ways of location targeting in Google ads.

As google ads is the one of the biggest platform for advertising/ branding and generating revenue. Companies are investing huge amount in google ads for advertising and growing business.

Every business have diiferent niche and audience varies from niche to niche. As business are grown by showing ads to their target audience.

By effectively targeting audience companies are effectively generating revenue, and audience lies in different locations. If one does not effectively target audience/locations then all the spending budget will become reunied.

For effectively running google ads account it needs to be optimized properly. There are different ways of effectively optimizing google ads account and location targeting is one of them it.

As location targeting is a very sensitive issue so most companies are hiring a google ads specialist for this purpose.

Following are different ways of location targeting in google ads.

After going into the Google Ads dashboard on the very left side there will be a toolbar with different options also containing locations option as shown below.

After Clicking on the location option you will see a screen in which your alredy created campaings will be shown and you will be asked to select the campaign for which you want to change location. you can set different locations fordifferent campaigns.

You can also set location while you can create campaign and from here also. swhen you select your targetd campaigb you will see two different options.

First one is showing a option of targeting any general location but second one is showing about targeting more specific location such as radius targeting. Mostly people miss this specific option and waste their most of the budget.

you can also set location targeting from going into campaigns options from where you see setting options on the very left side in a toolbar. You can select campaign srtting option .

once you select campaign setting tab you will go on a screen where you can chose or enter any specific country,language.

There will also be a opton of advance setting on it. After clicking on it you be redirected to a page from where you can select more specific city or radius targeting option.

According to Kristoper Jones” In 2021 the most successful ppc marketer will be strategists focused on thier target audience”

In order to deliver the right message to a right person at the right time in the right place one must have to selct the location and audience targeting more carefully and effectively.